• Outdoor Paving

    The installation of patterns and colours to replace or mimic bricks and pavers.

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  • Pattern Paving

    Choose from a wide array of patterns, colours and materials.

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  • Streetscape Paving

    Transform asphalt and concrete surfaces into aesthetically appealing surfaces.

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  • Permeable Paving

    Our highly effective permeable paving surfaces enable water to pass through the paving materials.

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Streetscape paving systems installed

Here at M.P.S. Paving Australia, we appreciate that asphalt and concrete are functional surfaces – but their appearance can often be a bit dull and uninspiring. Our streetscape products give you the power to transform these surfaces into aesthetically appealing spaces. Streetscape improvements may include street paving alterations, sidewalk enhancements, directional signs or any other number of changes. They will have a dramatic and positive impact on the use, appearance and safety of roadside areas.

Enhancing urban environments with streetscape

Our streetscape products are enhancing urban environments around the country by using cutting-edge technology to create eye-catching designs with low maintenance requirements. They also provide long lasting colour along with chemical and weather resistance. For commercial establishments, our streetscape products can create durable, coloured horizontal signage that is an accurate, full-colour representation of your brand.

Cost-effective streetscape solutions for concrete and asphalt surfaces 

Enhancing asphalt and concrete surfaces with our streetscape products not only increases aesthetic appeal and opens up new branding opportunities. Some streetscape alterations, such as the clear marking of areas with high foot traffic, can even increase pedestrian safety. Additionally, streetscape enhancements to asphalt and concrete surfaces may also lead to significant cost savings when compared with streetscape projects involving traditional brick or stonework.
Streetscape around a roundabout with a bus in the background

Our streetscape range includes:

StreetPrint Logo
StreetPrint™ is a road marking and asphalt imprinting and coating process for realistic brick, slate, stone and other effects.
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StreetBond150 Logo
StreetBond150 Pattern
StreetBond™ is a leading edge surfacing system designed to add colour to asphalt and concrete surfaces.
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StreetBondCL Logo
StreetBondCL carpark surface
StreetBond CL™ offers leading edge safety for road markings and cycle lanes.
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StreetBondSR Logo
StreetBondSR Diagram
StreetBondSR™ is a solar reflective road coating.
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CrystalPave Glass Feature Surfacing Logo
CrystalPave on an interior floor
CrystalPave™ is a recycled glass system to create stunning streetscapes. It can also be used on interior floors.
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DuraTherm Logo
DuraTherm Thermoplastic System
Duratherm™ is a thermoplastic system inlaid flush with asphalt for extreme wear resistance.
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HiGrip Hi Friction Surfacing logo
Cars on HiGrip surfaced road
HiGrip is a high friction surfacing system for reducing braking distances at intersections.
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ColourTrack Logo
ColourTrack on a Bike Lane
Colour Track™ is a coloured anti-slip surfacing system for road markings like bus lanes, and cycle lanes etc.
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FlowStone Hi Porosity Surfacing
Flowstone around an outdoor garden area
FlowStone™ is a highly permeable surfacing system for efficient drainage of surface water and to provide visual highlights.
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We supply and install Australia Wide

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