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HiGrip anti-skid surfacing

The exceptional anti-skid surfacing of calcined bauxite aggregate has proven over 35 years to dramatically reduce wet weather stopping distances and accidents at black spots such as intersection approaches, sharp bends, and steep gradients. 

Hi-Tec, HiGrip

HiGrip™ combines refractory-grade calcined bauxite with a proprietary formulated resin binder to provide an anti-skid surface of the highest performance and durability. HiGrip™ also complies with the relevant Australian Standards for high friction and anti-skid surfacing.

HiGrip™ is a high friction Calcined Bauxite anti-skid surfacing system of exceptional durability and skid resistance for proven accident reduction at:
  • Intersection approaches 
  • Pedestrian crossing approaches
  • Roundabout approaches
  • Highway “off ramps” 
  • Accident blackspots 

HiGrip provides reduced wet weather stopping distance up to 35% polished stone value 70+ skidding resistance value (BPN) 70+. 

HiGrip™ has a 2 -3 hour cure time, and the system is quick and easy to apply, maximising resources and minimising traffic disruption.

We never cut corners when it comes to road safety, and you don’t have to either when you apply HiGrip paving products to your project. 

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