• Outdoor Paving

    The installation of patterns and colours to replace or mimic bricks and pavers.

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  • Pattern Paving

    Choose from a wide array of patterns, colours and materials.

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  • Streetscape Paving

    Transform asphalt and concrete surfaces into aesthetically appealing surfaces.

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  • Permeable Paving

    Our highly effective permeable paving surfaces enable water to pass through the paving materials.

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Your Decorative Coating Contractors

Our highly effective range of StreetBond products represents high performance and durability at outstanding value for money. From the StreetBondSR and StreetBondCL coatings, these innovative, hi-tech paving products offer the solutions that your project needs. 

StreetBond™  Texture Coating

Our StreetBond™ range can really rejuvenate the surfaces to which they are applied. This colourful textured coating can make virtually any surface look unique and stylish. Paving doesn’t have to be dull, boring or old and tired. With our internationally recognised paving paint, you can use your creativity to make the paving in your commercial building, business or home stand out, and you can be as adventurous as you want to be.

Our range of StreetBond™ textured coating and paving paint is a practical solution to bring softness and colour to otherwise hard-formed surfaces and structures. Since it is anti-slip, paint you can safely apply it to many flooring surfaces and create colourful and safe surfaces. When commercial set ups and businesses have high foot traffic it is important to reduce any slip hazards. StreetBond™ will give you peace of mind by increasing the slip resistance of your flooring surfaces.
Great for stairs
In the same way, external stairs both at home and at work will benefit from our anti-slip paving paint. The wide choice of colours in our textured coating range will give you a wonderful, aesthetically pleasing finish while providing a safe, anti-slip finish.
Works brilliantly on driveways
If you have grown tired of how your driveway and paving looks, rather than going for extensive remodelling or renovations, StreetBond™ paving paint is a cost-effective alternative. It can quickly freshen up the look of your paving without having to replace it entirely. You can customise your selection with our non-slip paving paint and create a look that you’ll love.
Non slip and anti slip paint
Special surfaces require special attention, and if you have any surfaces, including walls and floors that have a rough finish or irregularities on the surface or if they are simply outdated; our StreetBond™ textured coating can help. It will also cover the imperfections to give you a renewed and enhanced look. Old bricks and tired and outdated colours are no worries. Apply fresh colours from our extensive range and the textured coating will transform your surface, adding to the overall beauty of your property.
Applying our textured coating
Our StreetBond™ range of textured coatings can be used both indoors and outdoors, and it brings a unique vibrancy to the surfaces it is applied to. Similarly, our anti-slip paving paint has the ability to bring to life the flooring as well as making it safer to walk on. With a wide range of colours to select from, you are sure to enjoy the final product for many years to come.
Paving paint
To order our durable non-slip textured coating or paving paint anywhere in Australia, just talk to one of our helpful and friendly paving paint experts.
StreetBondSR™ incorporates specialised characteristics that reduce Urban Heat Island Effect by minimising the amount of solar energy absorbed by road surfaces. Reducing Heat Island Effect helps minimise the urban impact on microclimate through the use of hardscape material with high solar reflectance.
StreetbondSR Colours StreetbondSR Specifications
StreetBond CL™
StreetBond CL™ provides high performance coloured bike priority lanes, and when used in conjunction with DuraTherm™, service life is optimised and road safety improves for both cyclists and motorists. 

StreetBond CL™ has worldwide acceptance and is the optimal choice for coloured bike lanes on both asphalt and concrete surfaces.

Skid and slip resistant StreetBond CL™ has been extensively tested for its skid resistance properties and consistently exceeds most Road Authority requirements.
StreetbondCL Specifications StreetbondCL Project Gallery
We supply and install Australia Wide

Call one of our helpful and friendly paving products specialists on 03 9707 0077 now for more information about the outstanding StreetBond™ range.

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