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ColourTrack high friction surfacing

ColourTrack™ provides ideal solutions for bus lanes, cycle lanes, crosswalks, roundabouts, traffic calming schemes and other public works. Anti-slip characteristics are achieved through the use of crushed recycled glass or colourfast pigmented granite. 
ColourTrack Coloured Anti-slip Surfacing
This material is secured to the substrate with a specially formulated binder for optimum adhesion and flexibility. ColourTrack™ also complies with the relevant Australian Standards for coloured highway surfacing systems.

ColourTrack™ has a comprehensive range of vibrant natural aggregates in all shades and colours suitable for:
  • Bus lanes
  • Cycle lanes
  • Pedestrian crossings
  • Tram crossings
  • Traffic calming applications
  • Factory safety zone demarcation 
Colour Track at Maroondah
  • ColourTrack™ conforms to VicRoads specification for coloured surface treatments and many other current road safety legislations. 
  • ColourTrack™ is a two-component resin extended thermosetting modified epoxy dressed with a variety of natural aggregate finishes. 
  • The ColourTrack™ system displays excellent durability and skid resistance when adhered to asphalt or concrete substrates in sound condition. 
  • With a 2 -3 hours cure time, ColourTrack™ is quick and easy to apply, maximising resources and minimising traffic disruption.
  • ColourTrack™ is a cost-effective and highly usable lining system that will provide the lasting results that you are looking for. 
We supply and install Australia Wide

Call our ColourTrack™ experts in Melbourne now on 03 9707 0077.

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