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Trackbond racetrack paving

The most common racetrack surface issues can be categorised into problems caused by race accidents or road surface failure. Race accidents generally gouge the track or remove a segment of the surface. These can be rapidly repaired using an epoxy-aggregate packaged 5kg kit. Depending on the temperature, the repair can be completed and race-ready in less than 10 minutes. Shallow damage can be repaired after the race is over using Trackbond50 cementitious coating.

TrackBond50 has been effective in preventing and/or correcting the second category of pavement failure. These types of failures are caused by petroleum spills, low-density pavement, ravelling of longitudinal joints, or asphalt cement failure due to oxidation and ageing.
Problem: Longitudinal joint
Longitudinal joints are interfaced between two pulls of the hot mix during the paving operation. Ravelling of longitudinal joints is the most common racetrack pavement failure. This is caused by low-density paver joints. Modern track specifications require the outside six inches of the pavement to be removed prior to installing the next lane of asphalt. The hot, soft rubber race tires and rapid acceleration forces into concentrate lateral force.

Solution: TrackBond50 has been used to repair both damaged longitudinal joints and as a preventative maintenance procedure. 
Longitudinal Joint Problem
Problem: Oil/fuel spill
Petroleum spills (race accidents or in the case of street circuits, oil from parked vehicles) dissolve the asphalt cement, causing a hole in the pavement and loose aggregate on the racing surface.

Solution: TrackBond50 corrects this problem.
Oil and Fuel Spill Problem
Segregation and oxidation Segregation in the asphalt mixes occurs during paving operations resulting in open, uneven surface. Similar appearance could occur due to asphalt ageing and oxidation due to exposure to solar radiation, presenting a driving hazard. 

Solution: TrackBond50 can be applied to smooth the surface.
Segregation Problem
Uneven surface Race accidents generally gouge the pavement or remove a segment of the surface. Shallow depression that do not present racing hazard could be repaired after the race.
Solution: TrackBond50 can easily be used to repair numerous pavement depressions.
Uneven Surface Problem
Low-density asphalt Low-density asphalt occurs when the pavement is not compacted to the proper level. This is a real and common problem in irregular areas of pavement where mechanical compaction is not effective. The soft rubber, hot race tyres, and rapid acceleration forces will cause asphalt surface to ravel and fail. Damaged roadways are permeable to water intrusion, causing accelerated further deterioration.

Solution: TrackBond50 can easily correct larger failed areas.
Aesthetics Extensive patching, repair, and maintenance of race tracks may result in less than aesthetically pleasing look. Too many patches may be destructive for drivers and compromise the entertaining experience of paying audience.

Solution: TrackBond50 is easy and economical to install on large surfaces, resulting in uniform monochromatic look. Our colour matching tool ensures that coating colour matches the colour of the pavement.

Features and benefits of Trackbond50™

  • Cementitious coating
  • Tough and durable for demanding race track application
  • Will not soften at elevated temperatures • Acrylic based
  • UV stable with no colour change or deterioration when exposed to UV sunlight
  • Tight film formation
  • Fuel and oil resistant, preventing pavement deterioration in cases of short-term oil spills
  • Excellent balance of hardness and flexibility
  • Will not crack when installing on asphalt substrate
  • Includes fractured silica sand fillers
  • Good friction properties
  • Optimised pot life
  • Good workability for up to 30 minutes ensures easy application, followed by fast dry and cure
  • Waterborne and environmentally friendly
  • Easy installation using conventional equipment
  • Convenient box packaging
  • Easy to store and handle
  • Box is good disposal container for unused coating and packaging
  • Black and white colorants included, along with colour matching card
  • No need to order colorant separately.
  • Easy to match coating colour to the pavement colour, which depends on the stage of pavement oxidation
We supply and install Australia Wide

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