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    The installation of patterns and colours to replace or mimic bricks and pavers.

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    Choose from a wide array of patterns, colours and materials.

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    Transform asphalt and concrete surfaces into aesthetically appealing surfaces.

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    Our highly effective permeable paving surfaces enable water to pass through the paving materials.

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FlowStone porous paving

FlowStone™ is a highly permeable paving system designed for efficient drainage of surface water and it is available in a comprehensive range of standard stone colours. A range of accessories such as aluminium tree collars and stainless steel tree stake collars and grates are also available. 
FlowStone Hi Porosity Surfacing

FlowStone™ and Rockpave binder technology

FlowStone™ uses our unique, proven, Rockpave binder technology for incomparable UV stability, flexibility, durability, and strength. 

FlowStone™ is a high porosity surfacing system designed for efficient drainage of surface water. Each FlowStone™ project is aesthetically pleasing and uses natural aggregates that are unique, extremely hard wearing, easy to maintain and very striking to the eye.

Some of the key benefits of FlowStone™ include:

  • A smooth and comfortable surface for you to walk on
  • A long-lasting, low-cost, and easy to maintain surface that is easy to clean
  • An all-natural surface that will add value to the property and remains striking to the eye for many years to come
  • FlowStone™ is a slip-resistant surface that is highly resistant to chemicals and stains
  • It is a cost effective solution because it can be laid over existing surfaces
  • You can choose from a large variety of colours and aggregate textures that will be hand installed by professionally trained contractors 
  • The materials used come from environmentally friendly sources, or from recycled materials
  • Surfaces are seamless, which means that they don't require expansion or construction joints, and they benefit from the enhanced aesthetics by providing a "flowing" surface
  • Natural stone is sourced from both locally and international environmentally sustainable resources
  • The durable and UV stable finish is not easily marked or chipped and will not be damaged by high heels, castors and the likes 

If you are looking for a slip resistant surface that is highly resistant to chemicals and staining, you must be looking for the Flowstone range of products.

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